Project Guardian


A program to help keep individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) safe. This program is based on Project Guardian developed by the Newport News (VA) Police Department.


Our Program

A free, voluntary, and confidential database that is offered, managed, and maintained by the Harris County Sheriff's Office (HCSO) for Harris County residents in the unincorporated areas of the county patrolled by the HCSO.

Deputies often do not know if individuals they encounter have ASD. Information is key in helping deputies respond safely and effectively. Although all deputies in the HCSO receive training on ASD, it is helpful having personal information on the person with ASD they are interacting with, e.g., triggers to avoid, behaviors to expect, communication tips, etc.

Information is also obtained on family members and caregivers in case a deputy needs to contact them.

Autism Awareness Month

During April, 734 deputies and supervisors proudly wore a commemorative blue badge on their uniforms featuring the autism awareness puzzle pieces. The specialty badges brought attention to Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Blue Badges for the Top Brass

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez (top) and Chief Deputy Mike Lee proudly display their blue commemorative autism badges.

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Withdrawing From Project Guardian

Project Guardian is a voluntary program. You may withdraw at any time. When you sign up for the program you will create an account. You may access the withdrawal page within your application/account at any time.